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So much to learn…

Posted by agratas on July 22, 2009

I want to touch upon what one might call a necessity to grow out of one’s own skin, once and maybe more. What use the daily life of peace and rustic certainty – as certain as death – when beckons the enticing arms of adventure, and learning? Each time we learn something, we grow into someone else. And it is the only way we can rally our own purposes or purposelessness.

There are times when even the most enthusiastic of us shirks away form learning something new, but if given status quo, each one of us would yearn to be free from its bind.  

And as the world unfolds into more and yet more things to learn, how will we prioritize our most precious yearnings and try to accomplish or accumulate those within a lifetime.  

This is verily, going to be the challenge of our times.

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